• Li-Ning LNG

    Li-Ning LNG

    spring/summer 2011 collection
  • FIFA


    corporate design
  • IBM Smarter Planet

    IBM Smarter Planet

    icon design and concept
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5

    Adobe Illustrator CS5

    illustration for pre-release program
  • Li-Ning LNG

    Li-Ning LNG

    mobile store concept
  • Cartoon Networks

    Cartoon Networks

    icon design
  • BlackRock


    campaign illustration
  • Logos


    mixed collection
  • IBM Mid Market campaign

    IBM Mid Market campaign

    icon design
  • Sagatiba


    branding pitch
  • Vitaminwater


    concept for advertising campaign
  • IMMH


    museum opening campaign
  • Volkswagen


    icons for Think Blue campaign
  • alkr gadget accessory

    alkr gadget accessory

  • Telecom Italia

    Telecom Italia

    logo redesign pitch
  • eprimo energy

    eprimo energy

  • Pelé Sports

    Pelé Sports

    pelada icons
  • Pattern Mix

    Pattern Mix

    collection of various styles and techniques
  • Personal work

    Personal work

    icon library
  • Missy Elliott

    Missy Elliott

    adidas originals collaboration
  • TD Ameritrade

    TD Ameritrade

    campaign illustration
  • Li-Ning LNG

    Li-Ning LNG

    flexible furniture concept
  • TRIP Linhas Aéreas

    TRIP Linhas Aéreas

    pattern design
  • Pelé Sports

    Pelé Sports

    fall/winter 2010 collection
  • Eni


    corporate fashion
  • Time Malaysia

    Time Malaysia

    icon design
  • adidas originals

    adidas originals

    fall/winter 2008 t-shirt collection
  • Beats by Dr. Dre

    Beats by Dr. Dre

    style frames for tv campaign
  • adidas originals

    adidas originals

    green collection
  • Stiefel Dermavite

    Stiefel Dermavite

    packaging design
  • adidas originals

    adidas originals

    logo designs
  • adidas originals

    adidas originals

    spring/summer 2008 t-shirt collection
  • Fashion Pattern II

    Fashion Pattern II

    collection of logo driven patterns
  • DuPont


    icon design
  • Commerzbank


    credit card backgrounds
  • adidas originals

    adidas originals

    shoe projects
  • Cayenne


    architecture illustration
  • Prefab Space

    Prefab Space

    architecture concept
  • Illustration collection

    Illustration collection

    mixed styles and themes
  • NHL


    infographics for print campaign
  • Black and White

    Black and White

    pattern collection
  • Abstract Illustration

    Abstract Illustration

    color & form concepts
  • Solon solar technology

    Solon solar technology

  • Aerologic


    logo design
  • Fashion Pattern III

    Fashion Pattern III

    collection of organic and hand drawn patterns
  • Fashion Pattern I

    Fashion Pattern I

    collection of various styles and techniques
  • adidas originals

    adidas originals

    pattern & illustration
  • MTV Video Music Award, Brasil

    MTV Video Music Award, Brasil

    trophy design
  • Nike Brasil

    Nike Brasil

    advertising campaign
  • Telekom Austria

    Telekom Austria

    logo redesign
  • Styleframes


    Various projects